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19 05, 2023

Sand Dunes Resort – Featured on Today Show!


Myrtle Beach, South Carolina The shell-studded setting at Myrtle Beach is what attracts many people to this east coast retreat. This destination is one of the most popular family vacation spots in the United States and it has something to offer everyone. From its celebrity-designed golf courses to the breathtaking sunsets, Myrtle Beach offers many waterfront activities, seafood and the best breweries to soak up the sun. Besides the beautiful beach, the boardwalk is filled with arcades, games and specialty shops along with an amusement park with one of the tallest Ferris wheels in the U.S. And if these thrilling [...]

2 02, 2023

Biking at the Beach

2023-02-02T15:23:53+00:00Myrtle Beach Activities|

One of the best ways to experience the Grand Strand is a ride on a two-wheeler – bicycle that is. The oceanfront sandy beaches can be fun to bike when you ride on the patted down sand areas during the low tide. Keep in mind that bicycles are only allowed on the beach in the city limits before 10 a.m. and after 5 p.m. from May 1st to Labor Day. Biking is always a great way to get some exercise and cover some new ground while vacationing in Myrtle Beach. Ocean Boulevard features bike lanes and sidewalks that can carry you to some [...]

13 07, 2021

Planning Your Way Around Myrtle Beach

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When it comes to the most convenient way to get around Myrtle Beach your own car is your best bet. If you're going to spend most of your time around Sand Dunes Resort, you can easily manage to get to the numerous shops, dining and services within a short walk on foot. However, a car is handy for traveling farther distances since the local transit bus line is your only public transportation option. Car rental agencies are also available located in Myrtle Beach International Airport (MYR), and plenty of taxis services are accessible throughout the Grand Strand. Here are a few [...]

17 05, 2021

Why “Myrtle” Beach?

2021-05-17T18:28:11+00:00Myrtle Beach Oceanfront Hotels, Myrtle Beach Resorts|

Myrtle Beach is known as one of America’s favorite destinations with its long stretch of sandy beach, warm ocean water, and more seafood buffet restaurants than you know what to do with. But there's more to Myrtle Beach than that famous, fun vacation place where families have traveled for decades. So where did the name Myrtle Beach come from? "Myrtle certainly sounds like a woman's name possibly a famous resident from the early nineteen hundred. Or maybe, it’s from an American Indian heritage paying homage to our early natives. There’s even a story that it had to do with a [...]

29 04, 2021

Consider location, location, location when selecting a Myrtle Beach resort

2021-04-29T12:52:30+00:00Myrtle Beach Resort|

The Grand Strand is approximately fifty miles along the Carolina coast. It starts at the North Carolina border in Calabash and runs down to Pawley's Island. The city of Myrtle Beach is the largest of these communities made up of several towns and beach sections. To the far south end of the Grand Strand is Pawley's Island and Murrell's Inlet. So, when it comes to the ideal place for a Grand Strand beach vacation, it’s always important to consider location, location, location. Yes, the accommodations are still a priority but its also wise to be in an area that can compliment a great vacation. [...]

11 03, 2021

The Benefits of Ocean Air

2021-03-09T19:52:19+00:00Beach for Health, Myrtle Beach Activities|

People have long believed in the healing and restorative properties of ocean air. Before there was scientific evidence to prove that sea air is good for the body and soul, doctors prescribed beach visits for patients with lung issues, skin ailments and circulation problems. And with good success. It hasn’t been until recently, however, that scientists began to fully realize how much good ocean air can really do. There is real scientific evidence that breathing the ocean air and/or spending some time on the beach delivers many health benefits. In addition to improving lung function, a few days seaside can [...]

9 03, 2021

Oceanfront verse Oceanview Accommodations at Sand Dunes 

2021-03-09T19:45:12+00:00Hotels in Myrtle Beach SC, Myrtle Beach Hotels on the Beach, Myrtle Beach Oceanfront Hotels, Myrtle Beach Resorts|

Sands Resorts is the home of the best Myrtle Beach vacation accommodations on the Grand Strand. Our property offers a variety in size and locations throughout the resort. The number one question we are asked in booking is what is the difference between oceanfront and oceanview rooms and condos.   At Sand Dunes we offer many options to include the Oceanfront Main building, North and South Towers, Tower 1 & 2, Villa 1 & 2 and the Sand Dunes Villas.   The oceanfront options are in our Oceanfront Main building. Here we have efficiency, 1 bedroom junior suites and the two bedroom penthouse option. In this building all [...]

18 11, 2020

Start Planning a Wintertime Escape to Sunny Myrtle Beach, SC

2021-01-04T15:24:03+00:00Fishing Charters in Myrtle Beach, Myrtle Beach Activities, Myrtle Beach Entertainment, Things to Do in Myrtle Beach SC, Top Myrtle Beach Golf Courses|

Shrewd travelers visit Myrtle Beach during the winter months to avoid crowds, receive discounted hotel rates, and book cheaper flights. Seemingly endless sunshine and serenity await.

8 10, 2020

The Tastiest Pizza in Myrtle Beach: Slice, Slice Baby!

2020-10-08T20:42:46+00:00Hotels in Myrtle Beach SC, Myrtle Beach Hotels on the Beach, Myrtle Beach Oceanfront Hotels, Myrtle Beach Resorts, Myrtle Beach Restaurants|

Everyone loves pizza. Our inherent fondness for fluffy, yet subtly-crispy dough, well-seasoned tomato sauce, freshly-grated mozzarella, and a bevy of meaty (or vegetable) toppings originates somewhere deep down in our souls. It’s not difficult to locate a slice of pizza in Myrtle Beach (or anywhere else, for that matter).

9 09, 2020

The Best Myrtle Beach Marinas: A Comprehensive List

2021-01-04T15:26:19+00:00Fishing Charters in Myrtle Beach, Myrtle Beach Activities, Myrtle Beach Oceanfront Hotels, Myrtle Beach Resorts, Things to Do in Myrtle Beach SC|

Here at Sand Dunes Resort, we welcome all types of boating enthusiasts. Some folks motor into town from a nearby city, while others tow their vessel from afar and dock it at a nearby marina. Regardless, plenty of reputable Myrtle Beach marinas near the resort offer swift service, affordable rates, and a handful of amenities.

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