Everyone loves pizza. Our inherent fondness for fluffy, yet subtly-crispy dough, well-seasoned tomato sauce, freshly-grated mozzarella, and a bevy of meaty (or vegetable) toppings originates somewhere deep down in our souls. It’s not difficult to locate a slice of pizza in Myrtle Beach (or anywhere else, for that matter). However, unearthing a show-stopping slice of pie that wholly satiates your taste buds takes practice. Or, you could just take our advice and plan a trip to one of these three local pizza joints, all of which are a short distance from Sand Dunes Resort.

The Best Pizza in Myrtle Beach: Delizioso!

What’s genuinely unique about Myrtle Beach’s always-fabulous pizza scene is how diverse it is, with ample inspiration from New York City, Southern California, and Italy. And, per usual, these three local staples offer a variety of services, including curbside pickup, delivery, and on-site dining, depending on which mood you’re in this fall. Without further ado, here’s our shortlist of the best pizza in Myrtle Beach (and the entire Grand Strand, for that matter).

Michael’s New York Style Pizza

While Michael’s is a casual, straightforward New York-style pizza joint with basic decor and furnishings, you’ll quickly discover big-time flavors, surprisingly-creative plate presentations, and buckets of mozzarella around every turn. For those looking for a deep-fried alternative, the “mega” calzone is a gut-busting revelation. Otherwise, the classic ‘za is equally cheesy, hearty, and perfectly cooked every single time. We cannot resist the call of the stuffed meat, barbecue chicken, and, oh, that delectable spinach and feet concoction that packs a surprising punch!

AJ’s Pizza

AJ’s tagline is “local pizza done right.” Well, you got that right. Their classic pizzas are somewhere between deep-dish and Greek-style, as there’s plenty of olive oil-swatched crust to go around, as well as layers upon layers of cheese. If you’re worried about having “too many” options, you’ll likely want to try another nearby eatery, mainly because AJ’s has over two dozen varieties. Local favorites include the “surf and turf” steak and shrimp, classic taco, and hot-smoked Lowcountry sausage. You simply cannot go wrong at AJ’s.

Ultimate California Pizza

The most popular pizza chain in Myrtle Beach is Ultimate California—four locations and counting! California-style ‘za has a devoted following, as pie lovers are rethinking their diet. Ultimate California is a favorite of ours because they offer a “build-your-own” option that’s great for those several dietary restrictions. Meanwhile, buckle up for a road trip through Cali with stops at Alcatraz, Sonoma, Berkeley, Hollywood, Fresno, and UCLA.

After a brief, albeit delicious pit stop at one of these three pizza places in Myrtle Beach, return to Sand Dunes Resort for a dip in the ocean, a lazy river float, and poolside cocktails. To learn more about our oceanfront respite, please browse through our money-saving vacation rentals (or call us directly at 866-845-1011).