When it comes to the most convenient way to get around Myrtle Beach your own car is your best bet. If you’re going to spend most of your time around Sand Dunes Resort, you can easily manage to get to the numerous shops, dining and services within a short walk on foot. However, a car is handy for traveling farther distances since the local transit bus line is your only public transportation option. Car rental agencies are also available located in Myrtle Beach International Airport (MYR), and plenty of taxis services are accessible throughout the Grand Strand. Here are a few of the transportation options to consider:


A car is the easiest way to get around Myrtle Beach, especially if you plan to explore beyond the vacation resort. Parking is always available throughout the Grand Strand. Most activity destinations will have their own free parking lots and there are public parking along the streets. Keep in mind most public parking involve a parking meter even if you find a parking space within a beach access lot.

If you didn’t drive to Myrtle Beach you may find yourself here without a car to get around. Don’t worry, because there are plenty of ways to get around Myrtle Beach without your own vehicle.


Sand Dunes Resort is near shopping and dining which provides the convenience of you walking to a lot of places! Whether you decide to walk on the beach or stroll down Ocean Boulevard and people-watch, walking in Myrtle Beach is not only good exercise, but it’s scenic too! Sand Dunes location is consider by most locals as the best area for walking day or night.


You can rent bikes from several bike rental companies in Myrtle Beach, for day use or longer. By renting a bike you can easily get to nearby stores and restaurants without even needing a car. Plus, enjoy a long bike ride on the beach

Get A Cab or Uber

If you think you will be spending most of your vacation enjoying the beach at the Sand Dunes Resort and splashing in the resort water park, you probably won’t have to leave very often. But when you do need to go to one of the many Myrtle Beach attractions you can call up a cab or Uber. There are many cab companies and Uber drivers in Myrtle Beach so finding one to take you where you need to go shouldn’t be difficult.

Planning ahead for your vacation transportation is always the best decision before you arrive so you are not stranded looking for a way to explore Myrtle Beach from your resort. All of these transportation options will work best with a little well though-out scheduling with your vacation activities and dining before you arrive at Sand Dunes Resort.