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People have long believed in the healing and restorative properties of ocean air. Before there was scientific evidence to prove that sea air is good for the body and soul, doctors prescribed beach visits for patients with lung issues, skin ailments and circulation problems. And with good success. It hasn’t been until recently, however, that scientists began to fully realize how much good ocean air can really do.

There is real scientific evidence that breathing the ocean air and/or spending some time on the beach delivers many health benefits. In addition to improving lung function, a few days seaside can reduce the symptoms of some skin conditions, including eczema. Oceanside air also has numerous mental health benefits. If another excuse to visit the beach is needed, check out these healthy reasons.

Pulmonary Benefits

According to the Lung Institute, ocean air improves lung function, thins mucus and reduces coughing in individuals with lung disease and/or breathing issues. Need more evidence? In a controlled study, lung patients were given hypertonic saline over the course of 48 weeks in an effort to simulate breathing in the ocean air. As a result, they had fewer pulmonary flare-ups and required fewer antibiotics.

But how does the ocean air heal the lungs? Ocean air contains tiny drops of seawater, which contains salt, iodine and magnesium. When we breathe, we inhale these restorative particles, which stimulates our immune systems to clear out the gunk in our lungs. Moreover, for many, a trip to the beach is also a break from harmful airborne toxins, such as exhaust fumes and soot.

Skin Benefits

In moderation, saltwater can be the greatest beauty aid. Not only does ocean water contain salt, which detoxifies the skin, reduces swelling and treats wounds, but it also cleanses the skin and balances its pH. This can go a long way in treating acne and other skin conditions, such as eczema. Seawater also contains magnesium, which plumps and hydrates the skin.

And while we’re out there, soaking up the benefits of ocean water, our skin will also benefit from being out in the sun. The sun’s rays combat a number of skin ailments and provide us with vitamin D.

Mental Health Benefits

The sea also has a calming effect that boosts mood and improves mental health. This is why a beach vacation such a great stress reliever. How does it work? The lull of the waves, both sound and sight, puts the mind into a mild meditative state, says NBC News. When combined with the warmth from the sun and fresh ocean air, the result is hypnotic and calming.

Science has proven that the ocean has calming, healing and restorative powers. A few days on the beach can improve mood, transform skin and make breathing easier. What’s more, a day on the beach is a whole lot of fun. Finally, there are doctor’s orders that we want to follow.

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