The easiest way to put a smile on a child’s face, particularly on a warm summer afternoon, is a towering ice cream cone, topped with a number of sugary delicacies. Myrtle Beach is known for its family-friendly attractions, pristine beaches, and sultry summers. And nothing pairs more naturally with a 90-degree afternoon than three scoops of ice cream jammed into a waffle cone. Luckily for you, Sand Dunes Resort is home to a contemporary indoor ice cream parlor, known as Ocean Sweets, a hip spot with everything from mammoth cookies to fudge and, of course, dollops of ice cream. Regardless of where you’re traveling on a given day, you’ll always be a short walk, bicycle ride, or drive from some of the tastiest homemade ice cream in Myrtle Beach.

The Best Ice Cream in Myrtle Beach

Finding a spot to enjoy ice cream in Myrtle Beach is as easy as blindly smacking an index finger at a map of the Grand Strand. However, nothing beats authentic homemade ice cream from a local staple, rather than name-brand treats from the likes of Ben & Jerry’s or Cold Stone Creamery. The best ice cream shops in Myrtle Beach all have distinct ambiance, whether that’s a vibrant, brightly-lit emporium or a dainty, late-1800s-style saloon.

Kirk’s Ice Cream Parlor

Hands down, the best ice cream in Myrtle Beach lies inside Kirk’s, a longstanding staple along Kings Highway. The old-timey charm, checkered exterior, and arcade atmosphere usher feelings of a prior era. The original 1890 location is just eight minutes south of Sand Dunes Resort. Kirk’s second location, however, is a mere 1.2 miles away from our sandy paradise. Unique flavors, such as banana pudding, party cake, and red velvet cake, come and go like the wind. But don’t fret, because there’s plenty of creamy goodness to go around! 

Mr. Rolls

A growing trend in the sweet treat industry is rolled ice cream, a visual and delicious delight. Mr. Rolls is a sleek, modernized alternative to your typical ice cream joint in Myrtle Beach. Firstly, there’s no wrong way to devour ice cream. So, why not roll it into tight coils? Secondly, the presentation is artistic and aesthetically pleasing. And lastly, the flavor combinations at Mr. Rolls are tough to beat. Oh, and don’t forget to try the vibrant, eye-popping “Dragon’s Breath.”

Sugar Life

Sugar Life, for better or worse, is all about the spectacle. This crowd-pleasing marvel features walls of candy, featuring all colors of the rainbow (and then some). If you and your kids have a sweet tooth, a brief stop at Sugar Life is a must. Particularly if you plan to visit the heart of Myrtle Beach. With 32 rotating flavors of ice and a bevy of toppings, you’ll leave with nothing but a smile and a satisfied belly.

The Finest Oceanfront Hotels in Myrtle Beach

Photo of the Sands Resorts Waterpark, the Perfect Place to Splash after Eating the Best Ice Cream in Myrtle Beach.An idyllic place to start and finish each day of beach relaxation, live entertainment, and tasty treats is right here at Sand Dunes Resort, home to a splash-tastic water park, newly-updated arcade, and some of the most enthralling Atlantic views in town. Remember: If you’re looking for a quick treat, Ocean Sweets is only steps away from each ocean-view accommodation. We also boast an array of Myrtle Beach packages, including golf-focused getaways. For more information about various Myrtle Beach attractions, restaurants, and mid-day activities, please visit our Travel Guide. Otherwise, give us a call today at 866-845-1011 to book a long-awaited escape to South Carolina’s heavenly Grand Strand.