The Myrtle Beach lifestyle has not been overtly altered in recent weeks despite the current global pandemic. Travelers and locals can still bask in the soothing Carolina sunshine while splashing in the vast Atlantic Ocean. In fact, the sheer magnitude of the Grand Strand allots approximately 60 miles of pristine beach access. And, because of travel restrictions, there’s never been more space to spread out in the sand than right now as we approach summer 2020. We strongly urge all guests to heed the CDC’s social distancing guideline this summer, which will likely be no tall task, thanks to our exclusive beach access here at legendary Sand Dunes Resort. There’s still plenty of beach fun to be had along this sandy paradise. So, pack your beach gear, hop into the car, and head to South Carolina’s crown jewel without a care in the world.

Summer Beach Fun: 20 Activities Fit for 2020

While we’re all focused on what we can and cannot do in 2020, it’s important to note that these 20 beach activities will remain relevant for decades to come. When Mom and Dad hear the phrase “beach fun,” memories of building sandcastles, searching for starfish, and lapping up ice cream are likely to come to mind. Beach fun, in and of itself, is all about making everyone in the family happy, from your glee-filled youngest to your skeptical teenager. Try sitting down with the entire family before your departure to go through these 20 activities. You might be surprised to discern that everyone can find common ground when it comes to basking in the glorious, mid-summer Myrtle Beach sunshine.

  1. Build a towering sandcastle
  2. Fly a vibrant kite on a particularly windy afternoon
  3. Go for an early-morning sunrise jog before the kids wake
  4. Toss the Frisbee around—there’s just something refreshing about diving into the teal Atlantic for an errant throw
  5. Search for distinct seashells
  6. Savor a picnic highlighted by fresh fruit, crisp vegetables, and chilled sandwiches
  7. Photo of a Woman Reading on the Beach—Good, Old-Fashioned Beach Fun!Paint an awe-inspiring Atlantic Ocean sunrise
  8. Learn to surf
  9. Swim for several hours, until it’s time for a cocktail
  10. Sunbathe—use sunblock, please
  11. Read that engrossing crime novel that you’ve been dying to finish
  12. Play Marco Polo with the fish of the sea
  13. Play two-hand touch football (or perhaps “500”)
  14. Kick the soccer ball around the sand—the World Cup is fast approaching
  15. Capture that perfect selfie or Insta classic
  16. Try people watching, Myrtle Beach-style
  17. Listen to your meticulously curated beachy playlist filled with country music hits, The Beach Boys tunes, and perhaps some chillwave from the likes of Washed Out, Bayonne, and MGMT
  18. Practice beach yoga while the kids splash in the on-site Sands Resorts Waterpark
  19. Start a water gun fight—please be respectful of your neighbors
  20. Hop on a floater and just sort of drift away—just don’t fall asleep, now

Hopefully, you were able to gather a good amount of potential beach fun for your next sunny escape to Sand Dunes Resort. Simply put, there is a seemingly endless array of fun things to bring to the beach. You just have to be mindful of the whole family.

Photo of Sand Dunes' Beach—Beach Fun Is Just Steps Away!Myrtle Beach Hotels…On the Beach

Thanks to Sand Dunes Resort’s countless complimentary amenities, there’s no end to the cheap family fun in Myrtle Beach. Guests can enjoy free access to our on-site water park, several acres of prime beach, and even a newly-upgraded Family FunZone. Our neighbors, North Shore Oceanfront Hotel, also just opened a new restaurant. For those hoping to experience several of the world’s best links-style courses, we boast a wide variety of Myrtle Beach golf packages on our website. To learn more about our oceanside haven, please visit us online (or call us today at 866-845-1011).