There is an innumerable amount of different ways to travel on a budget. The definition of “affordable travel” undoubtedly differs from family to family. However, budgeting for a trip doesn’t have to be taboo behavior; neither does finding unique ways to save money while on vacation. After all, frequent travel is good for the soul. Sand Dunes Resort, a long-standing, family-friendly haven in Myrtle Beach, prides itself on being affordable, accessible, and hospitable in every sense of the word. Thus, we’ve decided to provide 15 unique budget travel tips.

Travel on a Budget in Myrtle Beach: Easier Than You Think

Yes, start to save money for travel expenses at your earliest convenience. But don’t overlook the destination itself, in regards to both the city and the lodging options. A trip to Myrtle Beach, not unlike any other sandy destination, can grow expensive if you’re not aware of your spending. For some, that might be A-OK. Many of us, however, know the lasting power of sticking to a budget. Simply put: If you travel on a budget, you’re actually saving money for an extra getaway in the near future. Without further ado, here are 15 distinct ways to travel on a budget:

  1. Photo of Myrtle Beach, an Easy Way to Travel on a Budget.Choose a beach destination. You won’t have to spend a dime on entertainment if you incorporate a variety of free activities, such as kite flying, sunbathing, volleyball, beach reads, jogging, and sandcastle building.
  2. Find a hotel that boasts a plethora of free amenities and discounted activities. Look for complimentary water park access, swimming pools, free parking, and discounted golf packages.
  3. Opt for a mid-week stay. You can save bundles by taking full advantage of cheap rates on guest rooms, flights, and tours.
  4. Join email lists. Weekly or bi-weekly emails often provide access to last-minute savings or members-only promotions.
  5. Also, keep an eye on Facebook or the specials page for up-to-the-minute specials on leftover availability.
  6. Pack light to save money at the airport. Packing light is also a mentality. Bring less. Spend less.
  7. Avoid tourist traps, such as shopping centers, souvenir shops, and kitschy restaurant chains.
  8. Select a villa with a kitchen. Cooking your own meals and planning mid-afternoon picnics is perhaps the easiest way to travel on a budget.
  9. Book direct to avoid hidden fees. Rate parity ensures that you’re getting the best rate possible, while also awarding all currency to the small business itself.
  10. Plan an extended stay. Many hotels offer multi-night savings, such as seven nights for the price of five.
  11. Embark on self-guided tours. Do your research beforehand; it goes a long way.
  12. Bike and walk instead of renting a car or hailing an Uber. Most beach destinations, including Sand Dunes Resort, are surrounded by water parks, restaurants, bars, nightlife, attractions, parks, and, of course, miles and miles of sand.
  13. Start a vacation fund three-to-six months in advance. Even if you don’t “need” to save ahead of time, you’d be surprised how nice it feels to have that extra vacation fund. Seriously: You don’t need to eat into your savings or rack up credit card bills.
  14. Talk to the locals. They know what’s cheap, valuable, and free.
  15. Compile a list of free activities before your arrival, such as boardwalks, beach games, gardens, museums, and parks. At the end of the day, the beach is where it’s at; spend your days swimming, fishing, sunbathing, tossing the Frisbee, kicking the soccer ball, and building sandcastles.

Photo of Sands Resorts Waterpark. It's Entire Free to Guests! Travel on a Budget is Made Easy at Sand Dunes!The Finest Water Parks in South Carolina: Sand Dunes

Sand Dunes Resort remains one of the most affordable Myrtle Beach hotels with a water park. Oh, and the water park is entirely complimentary to all of our guests (as well as those who stay at neighboring North Shore Oceanfront Hotel). This pristine water park boasts a lazy river, splash zone, giant water bucket, slides, and a plethora of pool options. Travel on a budget is made easy here along the Grand Strand! And across the lot rests the newly-upgraded Family FunZone, home to King Neptune’s blacklight mini-golf course. Please don’t hesitate to browse through our money-saving Myrtle Beach packages at